Delta Sigma Pi

In March of 2021, I was initiated as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional, co-ed business fraternity. I was elected the Vice President of Marketing in May of 2021, and I served 3 consecutive semesters (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022). 

I gained experience in a wide range of areas through DSP. I focused mainly on clothing, and also designed stickers, the profile picture and highlight covers for our Instagram (@UdelDSP), recruitment graphics, marketing materials such as business cards, involvement fair table set up, and a step and repeat banner, posters, and senior gift items. Lastly, I filmed and edited the recruitment video for the fall of 2021 semester, and assisted in the editing of the following 2 semester videos. 


Private Markets Club

I joined the Private Markets Club at the University of Delaware In May 2022 with the Intention to assist In marketing, as It was a fairly new club In the business school, and would serve on the executive board until December 2022. 

I revamped PMC's logo, updated the Instagram profile with new graphics, assisted In building and designing the website, designed stickers, a flag, posters, and formatted/designed the 2021-2022 annual newsletter. 

I collaborated with a local screen printing company to host a PMC online store that contained logo-branded merchandise. 

Please visit Private Markets Club's LinkedIn page to view the annual newsletter.

Blue Collar Messenger

Blue Collar Messenger Is the author name of a family friend, Steve Jennerich, who recently wrote his first book. I was challenged to help Steve make a logo to put on his books and brand himself as an author. I also designed the cover of Steve's first book, now available for purchase on Amazon, according to his vision and am currently designing covers for his second and third books. Lastly, I assisted in the designing and creation of his website. 

Working with Steve sparked my passion to help people who lack creative thinking to bring their vision and dreams to life. Steve had a clear vision of the message he wants to share through his logo and book covers, and being able to fulfill that for Steve is so rewarding for me. 


Sax Snacks Enterprises

Sax Snacks Enterprises LLC is a new, local snack-distribution business in Toms River, NJ and offered me the opportunity to intern over the winter of 2022-2023 and into spring of 2023.

I designed the logo which is used on business cards and delivery truck. I am currently working towards designing branded merchandise.

I also exercised technical skills through creating a database of all client Information and potential new clients. I visit client locations to ensure smooth operations. I also visit potential locations to acquire new clients. 


Tees4Christ is a non-profit drop shipping brand that aligns with Christian faith-based designs. 100% of the profits are donated to other non-profit organizations. 

I was given the opportunity in January of 2023 to become a designer for the brand. I enthusiastically accepted, and to the right are my current designs. 

This opportunity means a lot to me, to be able to combine my skills with a personal passion, and contribute to raising money for non-profit organizations!



To the left are misellaneous projects and designs for personal use or "In-progress" projects!